Old Man Winter
Beneath the clouds of the heavens,
Chilled by winters cool breath.
I silently ponder the Maple,
Stroking her syrupy breast.
Thoughts wander up to the Hudson,
Dancing then from coast to coast.
A sigh and shudder befall me,
Recalling a once christmas roast.
Lifting the axe from my shoulder,
Gritting my teeth as I go
squinting my eyes as it arches
Weakness I know she won’t show.
Bearing down like a woodsman,
Cutting deep into fibrous core.
Calmly I watch as she topples,
Falling gently to sweet winter’s floor.
Together we’re walking forever,
Under white winter’s cold watchful eye.
Together we enter my hovel
Where one for the other must die.
Wrapped in the warmth of her fire
Sheltered from old winters storm
tears slides across thawing cheeks
And like a child I’m reborn.

Flows through my veins
Paralyses my senses
and eases my pains

Green grey and amber
Without fire
Without flame

Hard soft and steady
Here we go again.

A Kiss
Eyes twinkle, and the sunset fades into the background, forgotten.
Lips draw near and the city about us slowly dissolves away

a kiss
and another
and so many more one could never count
Soft hands brush through my hair 
Pull me in deeper

Hours drift by unnoticed until finally the haze is lifted
she drives away slowly, but the taste of her lips lingers still.

To be my child
But I know you are not.
He doesn’t have those ears,
those eyes
He knows not the sound of silence
Never has neither tasted fire nor heard light
He is not a friend to terror
You and he are not alike.
as you will
as you do.
In the end
the world is mine.
In the end
you know
I know you.

Twisted thoughts burrow deep in to the psyche
words wrapped up tight with meaning lost
seeds planted cruel and shallow.

Making water from stone;
thoughts burned and vision clouded
Candle light – a flame flickers and licks the sky,
Buildings crash up and crumble in the wake of time.
A hollow wave crashes down upon us
and we choke and sputter.
Glittering diamonds rain down from the heavens
our hearts well up, the day has come!
cut deep by broken glass,
clothed in ashes,
bear our children the scars 
of our hard shattered dreams.
Taste deep my friend,
your will cured unwittingly
those supple desires freshly squashed.
Crack open your mind and scoop deeply,
Starry eyes glaze and innocence renewed
by the passions of the future.
The fuel is gone, the fire sputters and dies.
Let the mind bleed out into oceans of possibility. 
Fill your fountain with the greatest of riches 
the glittering gold of life pure.
Make not your shelter from days gone by,
We need no longer live in our own shadows.

The Writers Craft
I am crab legs,
Buttered by the setting sun.

Our Flag
Sewn together with a thousand 
Lost souls.
The misted bell of 
A trumpet sings
A familiar song
Nothing is the same now 
That everything changes.
We leave our homes
To ravage those of others.
We leave to lose our lives.
Craving just a glimmer
from that old summer lake.
I gaze to the ocean waters 
left in our silky wake.
I gaze into the ocean,
dive into the thick of it,
Our Flag
Tearing at the seams
Dashes itself to pieces

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