So you’re probably wondering what the heck 26 Unlimited means? It’s my quest to push the seemingly infinite capacity of these twenty-six arbitrary symbols that comprise the entirety of written english, to twist and distort them, to challenge common ways of thinking about them, and to rant and rave along the way.

Who am I? An excellent question that I’ve often asked of myself; I am a student of life, an adventurer, a backpacker, a dreamer, a critical thinker, a back-to-the-land enthusiast, a quasi-hippie, and someone who strives to live life rather than idly watch it pass me by. I am a man with a passion for words, one who enjoys to twist and distort them and question their numerous meanings.I am someone who is intrigued by the mind, the universe, and the very basis of life its self. I was raised in rural Ontario and have strayed far from my homeland in my adventures though have always been drawn back. I am Zac Ryan, and this website is the stomping ground for my thoughts and ideas. I hope you enjoy them! - Zachamo@hotmail.com

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  1. Anti Whaling says:

    Gotta love this website but where is the new you and kidlets???

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