[...] if you try some times, you just might find, you get what you mead.

Written by Zac on September 6th, 2010

Some after-thoughts on the mead brewed nearly a year ago.. Opened one of the last remaining bottles of still mead last night, and polished the second last bottle of sparkling mead. I’m glad I made a very dry mead – it’s lighter on the palate and on the hangover.

The mead has certainly aged gracefully. My worries of infection are long behind me as I ease into a crisp glass of this lovely wine. In appearance it’s a very warm and inviting white wine – a lovely pale golden colour.  The aroma is described by some as reminiscent to pumpkin pie, and though I disagree on this point, the smattering of cloves and cinnamon sticks I added in have certainly started coming through more in the bouquet, though less so on the palate.

I’d worried for awhile that I had over primed the bottles of sparkling mead, and released a touch of pressure (Heineken type tops, not crowns).. End produce is GREAT, though unfortunately the yeast does impart quite a bit of undesired flavour, and though the taste of the mead is not put off, as you pour towards the bottom of the bottle and more yeast mixes in, the quality is somewhat compromised. That said, the first 2/3 of the bottle more than makes up for this. I must say that Champagne mead is a real delicacy; great tasting, not sweet at all, and a delightfully fine effervescence.

I’ve moved a couple times in the past few months, but am now settled in more long term.. Wasn’t able to kick off another batch of brew considering the moves, but I’m making up for it now!! Our house has a root cellar / cold room and I’ve taken it over, dubbing it ‘the brewery’.

Presently stocked with 7 different brewings (a number of those being experiments).. Will update on those later. Much more to write, but time is hard to come by these days! Until the next post!



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