I mead you.

Written by Zac on March 22nd, 2010

Well, we’ve finally done it. The remaining 20 liters of mead are bottled, and it’s pretty damned tasty. Eva and I slurped down some leftovers last night, and tonight we cracked a bottle.

Smooth and very similar to a full bodied white wine – a little less crisp than most whites, but with a rustic essence to it, or in Eva’s words ‘tasty’. It’s got a hint note of honey to it and all of the tartness and unpleasant flavors are gone.

The mead continued to ‘fizz’, or bubble until recently (months after kicking off the initial fermentation), and it certainly had some residual carbonation upon bottling. I primed a few liters of the stuff to make a sparkling mead after sampling some of the perviously bottled and primed mead which was pretty damned good.

Anyhow, just wanted to give an update. Great experiment, some lessons learned, and a splendid end result well worth the efforts.


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